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Effectual Therapy

Begin your journey to healing today

At Effectual Therapy, your first step towards life satisfaction is a quick FREE call. I’d love to learn what support you need and share how counselling can help.

Need support with anxiety, depression, life goals or relationships?

Hi, I’m Constantinos, I’m a CBT therapist. Visit my Effectual Therapy practice in Edinburgh or book a session online. It’s easy to fit therapy into your schedule with evening and weekend bookings available.


Together, let's design a roadmap to emotional resilience and happiness.

Why choose Effectual Therapy

Integrated Therapeutic Solutions

Bespoke therapy

One size rarely fits all. That’s why I use the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and blend them with tools and techniques from complementary modalities to meet your unique needs. We’ll create a plan together and I’ll help empower you to make sustainable positive change. We can work together one-on-one or feel free to bring your partner in for couples’ therapy.

Compassionate Expertise

Compassionate approach

No matter what you’re going through, I’m here to create a judgement-free zone where you can express your thoughts and feelings freely, working through them to get to the heart of the matter. Then I’ll look to provide functional approaches to help you begin the healing process.

Holistic Relationship Focus

Conveniently timed

It’s hard to make the right choice for your future when it doesn’t fit into your present. That’s why I offer evening and weekend sessions both online and in my Edinburgh practice. It also means I can take on clients from across the UK and maintain an effective therapy relationship even if you move away.

Private Counselling

Personal journey

What present hurdles are keeping you from achieving a growth mindset or creating positive behavioural change in your life? My personalised counselling approach will help you understand yourself and your motivations so that you can develop resilient strategies for the future.

Couples Therapy

Supporting couples

Let’s go beyond surface-level conflicts to identify the relationship dynamics, communication patterns and underlying emotional needs of you both. Want to have a deeper connection, resolve conflicts faster and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships? I can help you get there.

Personalised Attention

Get the personalised attention you deserve

You’ll never be just a number to me

Choosing to start therapy for yourself or your family is a huge step and I take it just as seriously as you do. Instead of going to a soulless therapy app or staying up late in endless Google spirals; you can take one action today that will set you up for a better tomorrow. Are you ready?


Instantly book your complimentary 15-minute online consultation in English or Greek by clicking the button below.


Constantinos has been a huge support to me during the last 12 weeks and conducted online sessions with immense care and consideration, making all efforts to ensure our time is valuable and that I have been able to use it effectively. He has been flexible with sessions to allow me to discuss the things I want to while also providing structure and useful tools I will take away with me beyond the sessions. I feel I have made meaningful progress during our time together and now have noticed a significant reduction in my levels of stress and anxiety. I have recommended him specifically to friends who are also experiencing anxiety and would continue to do so. Thank you again Costa for all your help and support.


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3B Greenhill Park

Edinburgh, EH10 4DW

07935 373329, 0131 381 1755

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