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Let’s build healthy, loving relationships

Couples therapy is a place where relationships are nurtured and challenges are addressed. In the non-judgemental space of my Edinburgh or online practice, I’ll help you use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other modalities to navigate the complexities of your relationship. I can help you overcome communication issues, conflicts or a loss of connection and achieve greater understanding, empathy and resilience. No matter how overwhelming it may feel, you're not alone in this and we can begin a healing journey for the two of you together, right now. Just click the button below.

Couples Therapy

Understanding couples therapy

There are a lot of misunderstandings around couples therapy. It’s not a blame game or place to argue with a referee. It’s a collaborative process where you’ll work together with me to identify and address the issues within your relationship. I’ll provide a supportive place for better communication, freer emotions and space for you both to learn effective relationship strategies.

How I can help

I’ll listen and interact with you, applying a range of therapeutic approaches from CBT to Gestalt to help you understand and grow from conflict to actualisation. And, with evening and weekend sessions available, it’s easy to make time for both of you to attend; either online or in person at my Edinburgh practice.

Where I like to focus

1. Communication Skills - Finding better ways to talk to each other and learning strategies for active listening, expressing your needs and resolving conflicts.

2. Conflict Resolution - Fight more fairly with practical conflict resolution skills, problem-solving techniques and negotiation strategies that create satisfying solutions.

3. Building Trust - If there’s been a lapse in trust, I can help you two rebuild it, restore emotional intimacy and strengthen your connection as a couple.

4. Underlying Issues - Let’s unpack and heal from past traumas, attachment styles and individual psychological concerns that are impacting your relationship.

5. Progress Monitoring - Together, we’ll create clear, achievable goals and monitor your progress so every session is focused, effective and aligned with your needs.

How to take the first step

When there’s someone else involved, getting started seems even more daunting. If you’re nervous about talking to your partner about starting therapy, I’m here to help you have that conversation. Just take one little step towards the happiness you really want. Click the button below.

Take the First Step
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