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Constantinos Leftheriotis CBT Therapist

About Me

Hello, I'm Constantinos or Costa for short and I’d love to be your therapist. Helping clients navigate life’s challenges is my great honour and I’m ready to put my solid educational foundation and extensive training to work in your life.


Using the evidence-based strengths of CBT, I ensure each session is both effective and personally tailored to you. Together, let’s create a powerful transformation in your life and enable long-lasting, loving relationships.

In our sessions, I’ll start with the principles of CBT. From there, I’ll layer in additional modalities as needed like Gestalt and Attachment Theory. This holistic approach allows us to explore the past, all while creating effective pathways towards a brighter future. 


In each session, you’ll be welcomed into a confidential space where every thought and emotion is welcomed and acknowledged openly.


My practice is focused on adults and couples; providing counselling sessions in English or Greek, whichever best suits your needs. I'm here to support you on your journey to wellbeing. So, if you're ready to make a positive change, you only need to take one tiny step and get in touch today.

My Qualifications

What makes me stand put

First, I have a formal education including a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the prestigious University of East London and a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Group Work, coupled with a Certificate in Counselling Skills from the esteemed Centre of Therapy & Counselling Studies. Beyond that, I have earned The Grove’s Certificate in Couple/Relationship Therapy accredited by COSRT at Level 5.


​But learning never truly ends. My regular professional development ensures that I'm always updated with the latest therapeutic techniques and practices. And I supplement that with the professional memberships below.

My Qualifications


  • BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - 406013

  • BPS - British Psychological Society – 422458

  • COSCA - Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland – 4347

  • PVG - Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme - Registered member

  • ICO - Information Commissioner's Office - ZB373046

BACP Logo - 406013.png

My expertise

While my focus will always be to arm you with the proven approaches that CBT provides, I’ll also enrich that with tools from Gestalt and Attachment Theory. Together, we will collaborate on a plan that leads to your transformation and self-actualisation.


This is a sharing relationship, where you open up to me and I provide you with a toolkit to access that will make mastering life’s challenges easier every day. Ready to embark on a path to a brighter tomorrow? It only takes one message.

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