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My therapeutic approach is influenced by current research. Depending on your needs and the topics you wish to address, I provide both short-term and open-ended counselling in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental setting via face-to-face or online therapy in Edinburgh.  ​  I offer counselling sessions in either English or Greek.

My Approach

I embrace a versatile and holistic approach to therapy known as "Integrative Therapy," carefully tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. My therapeutic style is characterized by its adaptability, allowing me to guide you in a dynamic and effective way.


At times, I may take a more directive approach, offering practical techniques and insightful ideas that you can incorporate both during our sessions and in your daily life. Additionally, I draw from the fascinating realm of neuroscience to shed light on how our brains naturally respond in specific situations, providing you with valuable insights into your own thought processes and behaviours.


While CBT forms the bedrock of my practice, I am not confined to a singular approach. Instead, I seamlessly weave in elements from diverse therapeutic modalities such as Gestalt, and Attachment Theory. These additional perspectives enable us to explore how your early life experiences with parents, caregivers, and family systems have shaped your present and future relationships.


My commitment is to provide you with a tailored and comprehensive therapeutic experience that empowers you to overcome challenges, foster personal growth, and build more fulfilling relationships.


I specialize in working with adults and provide counselling sessions in both English and Greek, ensuring you have the comfort and flexibility to communicate in the language that best suits your needs. Your well-being and ease of expression are at the forefront of our therapeutic journey together.


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of East London with First Class Honours, a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Group Work, and a Certificate in Counselling Skills, from the Centre of Therapy & Counselling Studies.

Participating in continual professional development and clinical supervision enables me to stay current and provide a high-quality service.

  • BPS - British Psychological Society (GMBPsS)

  • COSCA - Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (CMCOSCA)

  • PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) scheme registered member

  • ICO - Information Commissioner's Office

All of my work is conducted under the Ethical Framework of the associations.



I firmly believe that I can guide you towards enhancing your daily life using the powerful framework and resources that CBT offers. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that includes targeted homework assignments and our shared commitment to your growth.


What's even more exciting is that our work together will equip you with the skills to tap into your own inner resources. As you progress, you'll discover how to become your own therapist, ensuring that you can continue to elevate your life long after our sessions conclude. Your journey towards a brighter future begins now, and I'm eager to be your partner in this empowering process.


I'm well-equipped to assist adults who may be experiencing any of the following challenges:


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